Augmented reality

For the most real experience

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Mobile App

The RAV3D mobile application allows you to access your project and view the visitor-client-user experiences created and programmed in augmented reality:

  • Various exhibitions
  • Educational projects in teaching
  • Tourist and cultural projects (digital city, museums, art galleries, etc.)
  • Commercial projects to provide information on products and overcome the lack of labor


  • Resizing viewed content
  • Access to projects with or without wi-fi
  • Saving contents
  • Capture with the mobile device without having to constantly point at the image or object

The RAV3D mobile application is free and does not require any account creation. It is available in 4 languages: FRENCH, ENGLISH, SPANISH AND ARABIC.

Our programming platform

The platform will allow you to easily program several AR projects which will be available for free and automatically in private or public mode.

In places with difficult access to Wi-Fi, you will be able to view your project on your digital device after downloading it, even on the top of a mountain!

Using real images, works of art or monuments, you can program them with a multitude of digital content such as:

  • Triggering other .JPG-.PNG images
  • Triggering audios like .MP3 audio guides
  • Triggering .MP4 videos
  • Triggering 3D objects that the user can view from all directions, in addition to zooming in and out .OBJ, .MTL, .ZIP
  • Triggering PDF documents
  • Triggering of internet links. WWW OR HTTPS

To start creating your augmented reality experiences, you choose a plan based on the volume of data desired. At any time, if your needs change, you can purchase additional data volumes.

In your management area, you can grant usage rights to administrators or users to help you create your augmented reality experiences.

Explorer Package: TRY IT!

Simple, fast, friendly and bilingual English-French!

In which area would you like to create

your experience?


Use Augmented Reality to inform your customers so that they make the right choice and have a satisfying customer experience.

We can create a virtual floor informant for you. This informant allows your customers to inform themselves without the help of your sales consultants using pre-programmed images (no QR codes).

Want to offer this experience online? Create a 360 visit for online sales or to get customers interested in your products in-store.


Is enhancing the museum experience one of your objectives? On site or online, Augmented Reality and 360° virtual tours are ideal tools to create interactivity, challenges, and thematic paths to enhance the visitor experience.

Offer them the possibility to play, explore, take up a challenge, or even create from your exhibitions!


Teacher? Create motivating classroom projects that integrate the use of ICT in all stages of student work.

For schools? Use the 360 visit and Augmented Reality to do thematic activities, to inform or to create events...

Personal project? Create a game, a challenge, a course to enhance a party, make a special event...


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