RAV3D-STUDIO was born from an educational project carried out to create augmented reality projects with students. By experiencing augmented reality, it quickly became apparent that this tool has the potential to provide information on any subject. You can use it in tourism, culture, education and at the commercial level to carry out stimulating projects using augmented reality.

LAW 25: The responsible person responsible for the protection of personal information is Mr. Jean-Philippe Payer who you can contact at [email protected] at any time. RAV3D will take rapid action in the event of a data leak to minimize risks and inform the Commission d’access à l’information du Québec as well as the people concerned. A log of incidents will also be kept and available upon request.

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For who

RAV3D-STUDIO respects both the independent user and the one who wants a turnkey. In fact, we want to democratize access to augmented reality as well as other similar services such as 360 photos, games for learning while having fun, animated video, etc.

Democratize augmented reality

This platform was created to simplify the task of the user or project manager to create augmented reality projects.

The objective of RAV3D-STUDIO is to allow the creation of augmented reality projects through a simple platform and enhance a real experience. Better learning, more interaction during museum visits, better informing your customers about your products and services, this is why RAV3D-STUDIO exists!