Cultural enterprises

Create your own augmented realities to offer more to your visitors: make thematic paths, challenge your visitors to explore, offer plots leading to reflections and documentation, make games, etc. 

Or give your visitors the opportunity to create Augmented Realities from your artifacts. Augmented Realities that you can then make available via the RAV3D-STUDIO application. 

You can also offer a 360-3D virtual tour and integrate Augmented Reality. Your visit will then be available on the Internet. An effective way to broaden your target audience and to showcase your company.


In a climate of sharing and collaboration, we can guide you or take charge, from your directives, the realization and the diffusion of your Augmented Realities.



Once the project is completed, you will be able to offer your users the possibility to download our application on their mobile device from your website. Once downloaded, your visitors will be able to see your content in Augmented Reality in theaters or online, even without an Internet network.



Thanks to the virtual tour, you can, from your website, offer your users an immersive experience in your museum. This experience can be viewed with an Oculus virtual reality headset. Your customers will be able to walk through your establishment with their mobile device or computer at home or elsewhere.

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